Taster Session Success July 2021

It was wonderful being able to teach a taster session in person in the beautiful Smythe Hall is Stow Maries! It’s a little treasure trove, a perfect place to take a pause and just be 🙂

We explored a mindfulness of breath and body meditation together and then we discussed what experiences were acknowledged and felt throughout the practice. There was lots of variety of experience, from the breath taking on a mind of its own when attention was drawn to it, to seeing colours, to feelings of guilt for taking time out, to sensations in the body competing for attention. We discussed together how the practice felt and was able to relate some of the experience to what happens in every day life (this part can be very revealing during an 8 week course!).

I then showed everyone a hand model of the brain, a demonstration by Dan Seigel which is well known by Mindfulness Teachers. It helps to explain how mindfulness affects the brain and how it can have a positive impact on your wellbeing. You can search this on Youtube!

I felt very grateful for everyone that attended, to be able to share a little piece of mindfulness with them and for most, this was their first experience!

Thank you to everyone who signed up. I still have some more spaces. Please get in touch if you would like to join one of my upcoming courses.

Love Fliss


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