Week 1 in person course

It’s been an absolute joy teaching Mindfulness in person to a lovely group of people. All of them open and willing to embrace this new journey and discover new ways in which we can approach life.

We looked at the theme of being on automatic pilot and how in this mode we can often make decisions without even knowing we are making them! By deliberately bringing awareness to different parts of our body using a body scan meditation, we can start to identify where the mind goes wandering off to and there was lots of mind wandering! There’s nothing wrong with this, it’ simply what our minds do. There is no expectation to achieve anything when meditating, we’re not trying to empty our minds or come into a state of relaxation (although that might happen), we are exploring what it feels like to be still, to move our attention from one place in the body to the next.

We explored ways in which we can identify when we are on autopilot and when sometimes this may be unhelpful. Practicing the body scan helps us to see that we can redirect our attention if we choose to, even if our mind and attention is being pulled elsewhere, we can bring it back again and again and again. Each time, a moment of mindfulness.

Next week we are looking at the theme of ‘Living In Our Heads’. The start of this journey has already been revealing and somewhat liberating for some participants. I will be embracing this journey with them, from moment to moment ❤️

Fliss xx

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